Versace Jeans – a more democratic line of the legendary brand Versace. It is perfect for the everyday life of the active population of megacities.

Clothing, created by the legendary fashion house is always different impeccable taste, clean lines and perfect brim.

Versace Jeans – line for men and women, inspired by pop culture and combines fashion and glamour. It represented classic style jeans, shirts, and T-shirts to create an everyday way of decorated prints Gianni Versace, as well as shoes and accessories.

In the collections of Versace Jeans dark and pastel colors echo the vibrant and provocative tones, light summer dress – a warm winter coat and sandals with high heels – sandals with flat shoes. Italian brand Versace was founded in 1978. It creates a huge range of products, ranging from clothing and perfumes, finishing dishes, ceramic tiles, and bathroom accessories. The great success and the worldwide popularity of the brand allow you to use in their advertising campaigns world stars such as Kate Moss, Madonna, Jon Bon Jovi and many others.

Brand models are diverse: You can find both one-color turtlenecks for all occasions, and a blouse, richly decorated with sequins brand name or feline motif. Jeans by Versace presented narrowed models of shades of blue, which is ideally sitting and look good with T-shirts or blouses, boots or sneakers. Interesting color schemes, floral prints, inscriptions, offer today’s youth a lot of room for self-expression. The basic material for tailoring collections Versace jeans is breathable cotton with the addition of synthetic yarn, which gives the product flexibility and durability. The brand paints everyday reality in bright colors along with fashion designer clothing.

Youth footwear and handbags Versace Jeans:

High-quality leather. Versace fashion house for all lines uses only high-quality materials. The manufacturer’s name has become synonymous with luxury and elegance.

Impeccable tailoring – every detail, even the decor is functional. It sets a certain tone of things.

Convenience – it’s about brand shoes Versace Jeans. Comfortable, stylish, bold, youth, this thing is able to make a call and highlight your appeal. And do not worry: the legs do not get tired of walking, even in high heels.

Exclusive design. He is recognizable. His inherit other, less popular and experienced manufacturers.


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