Vilac is a well known French brand of interesting and unique games and toys for young children. Its existence begins in 1911 in the Jura Mountain. The line has become very successful among many kids, as it tries to entertain them. The specialists believe that it is very important to provide young generation with live games instead of them playing computer games. With the items of Vilac buyers can develop their imagination. The brand offers a wide variety of puzzles of London buses, different animals and fantastic views. Besides, educational games can be also seen. Young girls can be taught how to cook delicious dishes and bake cookies. Boys will adore stylish driving cars and planes for sure. The smallest one can have funny bright clown rings that will help toddlers to determine colors. Riding cars are the most favorite item among children. Each can sit at a wheel and run the car by himself. The games come in attractive design, which attracts kids a lot. It is worth saying that all games and toys by Vilac are made from high quality products that won’t cause any harm to your infant. The brand guarantees care and safety. Look for additional information about Vilac in online Internet shop, which also offer online purchasing.

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243 Bowery Street New York City, NY 10002.
Hotline:1900 – 123 456 78

Opening Hour

Friday: 09:00 – 23:00h

Saturday: 09:00 – 16:00h

Sunday: 12:00 – 18:00h

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