Brand Wolsey is unusual and remarkable primarily to the fact that this is one of the oldest British clothing brands. It was founded back in 1755 in the town of Leicester.

During the First and Second World Wars Wolsey supplied uniforms for sailors of the navy of Great Britain. A special way of dressing made of wool fabric is not only warm and comfortable but also waterproof.

Wolsey clothing repeatedly awarded various prizes. For example, in 2009 one of the wool sweaters, which were designed in Wolsey Studio, was awarded as the best in its class. Such recognition is natural: after all, thin fleece under the close supervision of washed soft spring water. Application of this technology allows you to remove old from the raw material oil and impurities.

Much attention is paid Wolsey and making sportswear – Sports rugby, football, and winter sports. The brand produces special models even for researchers, explorers!

Buy clothing Wolsey is easiest in their online store. It is true cashmere sweater, soft and warm, underwear, shirts. All things are comfortable and practical. The latest collections clearly felt the emphasis on the warm and comfortable model for staying in the open air, including adverse weather conditions.

In the women’s section, all the same, brand jersey:

Sweaters, cardigans, vests.

There is interesting knitwear. Close the drawing and expressive ornament vest clothing homey feel. Both men and women find in the directory of interest, and most importantly, suitable for the European Climate accessories: hats, scarves, gloves, bags.

The company offers its customers high-quality products, all kinds of prizes are awarded repeatedly. Over the 250-year history of fashion brand has lost none of his skill in the production and quality of the goods. Collections Wolsey is the perfect combination of many classic British styles, the help of all varieties to choose their own.


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Friday: 09:00 – 23:00h

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