Wrangler – the largest producer of European quality jeans. The brand itself is at the same time come from the United States. Nevertheless, it is one of the few American brands, making emphasis on the buyers from Europe, so style and original design model are given not less attention than directly to their quality and reliability.

Wrangler Jeans is classic jeans. Even with a well-known competition among American brands, “Wrangler” is the only classical firm is convenient models of jeans for more than 60 years. They are always qualitative and faultless. Very comfortable, it sits well and for a long time worn.

Jeans Wrangler is represented by the following very different lines: Cowboy Cut® (cowboy jeans), Wrangler® Five Star Premium Denim (high-quality jeans for any situation), Comfort Solutions Series (jeans increased comfort), Wrangler Rugged Wear® (jeans for travel) Wrangler Retro® jeans (jeans authentic retro), RIGGS WORKWEAR® (Workwear), Wrangler® 20X® (jeans extreme – style), Wrangler ProGear® (equipment for premium hunting), George Strait Collection (cowboy jeans improved finishing) , Genuine Wrangler® (stylish classic jeans), Wrangler jeans Co® (modern fashionable jeans).

If you dare to buy any original American jeans of these lines, you will definitely want to “try” and another line as jeans for every unique. “Wrangler” easily worn 10 years, do not wipe, just takes your body shape and becomes a favorite pair of jeans.

The Denim Performance Collection offers stylish and functional things – something more than just jeans. The innovative Water Resistant – is a multigrade offer for denim products consumers; it is the original tissue processing and application of protective water-repellent impregnation, which does not allow the water to seep through the fabric material has a resistance to water and thus treated fabric remains “breathable”. Water-repellent jeans – it is possible, the future standard for the denim industry.

Jeans today have ceased to be a common attribute of clothes, their quality, comfort and style are given a lot of attention. Many brands specialize in their production, and only a few manage to achieve the title of “the best”.


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