Yves Delorme Textile Company was the brand for a long time holding the title of a best-pastel lingerie in the world.

Products of this brand are elegant color combinations and soft shades that create the image of luxury dominate the color palette.

The main unit of the company is the creative designer Evelyn Julien, who works at the company since 1989. It was under her strict guidance over each collection of Yves Delorme conjures a group of young talented designers. This approach helps pastel linen French giants to preserve the freshness and style and at the same time to keep up with fashion trends. Not surprisingly, the company’s products successfully floral ornaments and baroque harmony with geometric forms.

In its products, Yves Delorme uses only the highest quality materials: sateen and percale. If the latter is soft and almost not subjected to fading, the satin is more dense and expensive material.

With regard to product updates, the company is very strictly adhered to the principle that a proprietary collection appears on the market at least every six months.

This year French company Yves Delorme is celebrating its 170th anniversary. Over the years, the history of the brand was full of winding roads and turns. According to the designers, the new collection autumn-winter 2015-16 is like an imaginary road leading through the eras and traditions. The traveler is given the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature and the richness of different cultures. The new collection includes two directions: “classic” line to white line and “deco” with drawings and designs. Stylistics terry items (towels, bathrobes) follows the design of bed linen. This solution makes it possible to design the interior of the bathroom and bedroom in the same vein.


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