Girls pretty in pink designers look

In time for spring, pink has blossomed in an explosion of pretty pastel shades.

Pink is a magic color of childhood. It reflects numerous dreams and aspirations that might come to a little girls’ mind. It reflects the magic spirit of childish dreams and makes them not as distant as it may seem. Such designers as Patachou, Roberto Cavalli, Stella McCartney Kids and some others have made the dreams of numerous girls around the world come true by creating a fantastic range of kids’ wear that will suit absolutely any taste in fashion. Check out the collections of the brand to find out more. For a start, you can choose a nice little dress offered by Stella McCartney Kids. It represents a white top and a pink bottom and is embellished with cute little details. After that, you can choose some accessories by Patachou and Paul Smith Junior. The latter provides a whole range of pink socks available in different designs and styles and decorated with white ruffles. A white bag by Young Versace is a must-have item for the outfit of every little girl. It is embellished with a golden chain and clip that will make your child’s outfit dressier and livelier. Another option would be a nice brightly colored jacket by Roberto Cavalli. It is decorated with a beautiful bright print featuring flowers and other decorative elements. It is a must-have item for a rainy day as it will keep your precious one warm even in the nasty weather. Finally, you can choose some of the footwear offered by Stella McCartney Kids. Again, the shoes are available in pink color with white outer soles and white shoe laces. Such footwear will complete absolutely any outfit and will be a lovely addition to the pink dress offered by the same designer. This would be suitable for both formal occasions and everyday wear. Don’t hesitate to make the right choice!

Pink is a beautiful color that reminds us of childhood and childish dreams. In fact, pink can be a source of inspiration not only for young fashion-lovers but for their parents as well. Such designers as Roberto Cavalli, Patachou, Paul Smith Junior, Stella McCartney Kids and some others offer a whole range of pink clothes for girls to be dressed fashionably and with taste. A pink dress by Stella McCartney Kids will be a wonderful addition to your child’s wardrobe. It will brighten up the looks of your little girl and make her feel comfortable and look the best in any situation. This lovely dress can be worn together with pink shoes offered by the same brand. The shoes are extremely comfortable and are made of the premium-quality materials that will ensure that your child does not feel any discomfort while walking or enjoying some entertaining activities. A brightly colored pink jacket is another wonderful option for a cool summer day. It will keep your child warm and cozy in the nasty weather and provide maximum comfort. It is embellished with a beautiful flowery pattern that will match absolutely any outfit. A white bag by Young Versace should be in the wardrobe of every little girl. It features a bright golden chain that will make your child look like a young lady. Patachou offers a great range of accessories to be matched with the chosen outfit. It will be a nice addition to your girl’s clothes and will lighten up her appearance making her look cute and truly adorable. Finally, Paul Smith Junior offers an excellent variety of pink girl’s socks that are decorated with laces and can be worn with pink or white shoes. The socks are made of the softest materials and are delicate to the touch. Don’t hesitate to choose the best-fitting outfit for your little princess!

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