Special Occasion clothing sets for boys

Boys Navy Blue Classic Leather Brogues Boys Dark Navy Blue Silk Ready Tie by Dolce & Gabbana Boys Navy Blue Wool Suit with logo by Fendi Boys Silk Bow Tie with logo by Fendi Boys Classic Black Leather Loafers by Children's Classics Boys Navy Blue Leather Belt by DOLCE & GABBANA Boys Grey 3 Piece Suit Set by Couche Tot Boys Classic White Shirt by Dolce & Gabbana Black Leather Moccasin Shoes with logo for boys by Moschino

Boys in classic suits look gorgeous! Every time you have a special occasion do not miss a chance and propose some really good classic looks to your kid. Now there are great variety of brands who create special occasion clothing for boys, from luxury and expensive like Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Burberry, Armani, Paul Smith, Gucci, Roberto Cavalli etc., to very democratic and not expensive but still high quality brands like Couche Tot, Children’s Classics, Ancar, Romano, Lapin House and so on.
Here in this look you can find few variants of possible classic sets for boys, hope it will be helpful and save you time for shopping:
– wool suit by Fendi is my love forever. It is a combination of quality material and classic style in the same time Fendi logo on a pocket, navy blue colour and slim lines makes this boys suit modern look
– shoes are very important when we are talking about special occasion evening, we recommend to combine above mentioned suit with navy blue brogues by Children’s Classics. They made from very soft leather but with rubber sole (to protect your kid from slipping)
– white shirt always look appropriate when you choose classic suit, so here we have 100% cotton shirt by Dolce & Gabbana, it has small logo on the pocket
– high quality tie and leather belt is also a must have in boys wardrobe, people like details and I’m sure your kid too. We propose you navy blue tie by Dolce & Gabbana (it is made “ready to wear” to make the process easier but it is 100% silk accessory, so you can be sure that it looks excellent). Navy blue belt by the same brand name as tie will finish the look.
– alternative variant for evening classic clothing is a Boys Grey 3 Piece Suit Set by Couche Tot. It is not very expansive but very elegant boys suit. Here you can see grey top, navy blue pants and grey check shirt. This set comes with belt also, so buying only 1 set you get almost all your kid need
– for the suit set mentioned above we propose few alternative shoes options. Moccasin Shoes by Moschino, Black Leather Loafers by Children’s Classics and navy blue brogues by Children’s Classics (that were already mentioned above). All 3 pairs are good, the choice depends on you preferences (for example do you like massive metallic logo or not) and on weather conditions. For sure it is better to choose moccasin for warm and dry weather without socks wearing
– as a final detail for the suit we choose Fendi bow tie. It has funny frog logo so it can make kid look classic but not borring

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